Monday, August 11, 2008

Dueling Awkwardness

Over the weekend I went to a bachelorette party for one of my boyfriend's friend's fiance. (Shout out to Melissa!) Admittedly, I'm pretty uptight and these sorts of events make me pretty uncomfortable, but I went for a little while to show support for Melissa's upcoming wedding. If she weren't such a sweet, nice person, I probably wouldn't have gone.

We went by limo to Howl at the Moon Saloon in the Flats. I'd never been there. To say the least, it was an interesting experience. And great people watching. I only had one drink because I had to drive home, but my table mates had large "fish-bowls" in plastic buckets. Who knows what was in those things, but there sure seemed to be a lot of booze in there. I would have needed to have had quite a few more drinks to get into the group singing and dancing, but it seemed like the ladies had a great time.

The party continued on well into the night but I left early to ice my foot. I hear that the girls had a great time on W.6th.

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