Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Orecchiette with Tomato and Fried Tofu

Feeling adventurous last night, I cooked up a random tofu recipe I'd found on I decided to give "Orzo with Tomato and Fried Tofu" a try. Sadly, the grocery store I went to didn't have orzo (?!), so I used orecchiette instead. Why orecchiette, a pasta that is nothing like orzo? Because it was the most "exotic" pasta I could find.

I changed some of the quantities of the ingredients since I only needed 1 portion, and based upon the recommendations of other users, I added more garlic and used canned diced tomatoes. I also used garlic feta (a tiny bit) as a topping, although I don't even think it needed the feta. I was pretty proud of my creation. It was fast to cook, flavorful, and for the first time in my entire life, I didn't over or under cook my tofu. Speaking of tofu, I still have more than half a package to use up...maybe I should try my luck with another recipe...

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