Friday, March 28, 2008

Thai one on

I had the opportunity to have dinner at Bankok Thai last night. This relatively new (location-wise) Thai restaurant is in a pretty non-descript strip mall on Mayfield Road and is surprisingly nice on the inside. It doesn't have a liquor license, so it's BYOB. (There's a liquor store conveniently located a few doors down.)

I started my meal with vegetable gyozas. Unlike most pot stickers I've ever eaten, these were fried, which made them lose some of their flavor. I ordered a pine nut stir fry for dinner, which ended up being a medley of vegetables and tofu in a flavorful ginger sauce. Pine nuts were sprinkled throughout the dish, and there was a nice fresh orange and carrot flower garner. Boy, it was delicious. My dinner companions had the Crispy Basil Chicken and a seafood medley. They were both pleased. Throughout the entire meal, our server was pleasant and attentive - frequently checking on us and bringing us water. I'd highly recommend the restaurant. Support the little local guy! Especially since they have an entire vegetarian section of their menu!

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