Friday, March 21, 2008

Human Sushi Vacuum

It's been a hectic week so I haven't really been out and about to enjoy any fine spirits or grub. However, last night I did go to Sushi Rock in Beachwood for Tsunami Thursday. I literally ate every kind of vegetarian sushi available, including my favorites tofu avocado and cucumber. Half-priced vegetarian sushi is ridiculously cheap - normally about $2.00 for a six cut maki roll. Which is why I end up eating so much of it! It's actually quite embarrassing. I can out eat anyone in sushi, and most other things, for that matter. Which is why I'm thinking of entering the First Ever National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship this may in Cleveland Heights. It's the week before I run in the Cleveland Marathon, so I'm sure I could stand to take in some extra calories.

Speaking of extra calories, I also enjoyed a pre-dinner drink at The Boneyard in Mayfield and some peanut butter chip ice cream from Mitchell's Ice Cream on the way home. I'll enjoy burning it off on the treadmill tonight.

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