Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Vegan Pizza and Moscow Mules at Humble Wine Bar

I went vegan earlier this summer. I'm not an animal rights crusader. I just felt like I wanted to try to be a little healthier. Since becoming a vegan, I've really only missed one non-vegan thing - good pizza. I can order a cheese-less calzone and slather it in tomato sauce. But it ain't a pizza. I've discovered that Daiya makes some great frozen vegan pizzas, but again...baking up a pizza in your oven isn't the same as getting a drunken slice at Edison's on a Saturday at 1 am.

I was overjoyed to learn that the relatively newly opened Humble Wine Bar in Lakewood offers vegan pizza. So when I made dinner plans with a lady friend to go out for some girl time, I suggested we check it out.

I arrived first and decided that it was a smidge loud inside so I requested a patio table. I also work in a cubicle all day, so a little fresh air is always welcome. And it seemed like the perfect kind of night for patio drinking (obviously this was months ago...weep womp) so I ordered up a Moscow Mule. I love the Moscow Mules at Humble's sister restaurant - Deagan's - and this drink didn't let me down. And it even came in a copper mug. (that I had to promise not to steal)
Moscow Mule
My friend arrived just in time for me to not over drink, and we both ordered pizzas. A clam pizza for her (not sure why but the phrase "clam pizza" sounds funny to me - do I dare look it up in Urban Dictionary?) and a vegan sausage pizza for me. I honestly had some lowered expectations. It's hard to make pizza taste like pizza without the cheese. (yet - science is helping on this front) But this pizza? Wow! Very delicious! The tofu "cheese" was flavorful and the "sausage" was great, too. I'm not even that pig of a pepper fan, but the "meat" and "cheese" and peppers just meshed so well together. 

Vegan "sausage" pizza

Had I not been watching my figure (or more likely, wanting to see what baked goods were available at The Root Cafe down the street) I could have ordered a vegan dessert, too! There's always next time...

I'm tickled pink to see that more and more mainstream restaurants are offering vegan or veganize-able options here in CLE. Can't wait to see what else restaurants around town can come up with!

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