Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vegan Candy Shop in Lyndhurst - No Whey! Vegan Chocolate Candies

I live in Lyndhurst. And I love my hood. I'm close to work. Close to my running group. Close to freeways. My city is very walkable/runnable/bikeable. I could go on and on and on about why my little suburb is my owner personal slice of heaven, but I won't.

I was excited to notice a new shop in my hood the other day while out for a run - No Whey! Vegan Chocolate Candies, a vegan candy store. It's less than a mile from my house, and, ironically, across the street from a huge non-vegan candy store. (and in the same crazy little strip plaza as my favorite Thai restaurant - Bangkok Thai)

No Whey! Storefront

They just opened and have some crazy hours - 4:00-9:00 pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (and it still looks a little like the Chinese restaurant that was in the same spot for years and years and years) My boyfriend and I dropped in on a rainy Tuesday night and we were the only customers for quite awhile. There was a huge tray of samples (hello, dark chocolate and cranberry bark!) and a small selection of candies and vegan goods on the sales floor. They feature a lot of products from Plant Kingdom, a local-ish energy bar/hemp bar creator.

Our stash of vegan deliciousness
We chatted it up with one of the owners for awhile and you can tell they're really just starting to get the swing of things with their business. (but at least they take credit cards! yay, Square!) They hope to expand their product line and carry other vegan products as time passes/revenue increases. As of right now you can buy some Leahey products (as seen in my photo above), vegan marshmallows, Daiya cheese, and a few other vegan goods. It's a great start, honestly. I really think the sky's the limit for a vegan business in if only I could get the capital to start my own vegan cafe/juice bar...

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