Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 21 - Home Ownership

Note: Today is day 21 in my series "30 Days of Thankful."

I mentioned last week how irritated I was with the house hunting process. Someone in the universe must have heard my complaints because since I last blogged about house hunting, I've found an incredible house that I put an offer in on. And after a bit of haggling, it was accepted!

Cheesin in front of my new crib
Now, the home buying process is stressful for pretty much everyone. But I think it's a little more stressful for me because 1. everything happened so fast 2. I already own a house and the idea of having 2 house payments freaks me out and 3. I worry about everything more than anyone ever should. But since I believe everything happens for a reason, I'm telling myself that me randomly finding this house was meant to be.

I've actually eyeballed what is about to be my new home for months. It's a bit closer to where I used to live than I'd like it to be, and it used to be on one of my old standby running routes. I remember when it went on the market in February. I thought it was a strange looking house and didn't think it would sell very fast. Little did I know that 9 months later, I would randomly see an ad for an open house and would drag my mom there with me 5 minutes before the open house was set to end.

This house is not at all what I was looking for. It's bigger than literally every house I've looked at. It's in a neighborhood I never thought I could afford. I don't really like the color green. It has none of the characteristics that I thought I wanted in a home. The kitchen is outdated. There are no wood floors. I've never seen such crazy looking bathrooms. The yard is huge and I'm literally allergic to grass. But something about this house made my heart sing. My grandpa was a carpenter and most likely, he worked on this house when it was built in 1971. I always looked up to my grandpa, and I think it will be incredibly cool to live in a place that he worked on.

I'm hoping that finding this house is a sign that more good things are to come. I had literally just told my mom that I was "done" looking at houses until January when I found this house. Or maybe it found me? I can't help but wonder if this house hunting process has been a metaphor for life. I was SO sure I knew exactly what kind of house I wanted...but I'm ending up with something completely different. I thought my life was headed in one direction...and now it's moving in a completely direction. Seems like a crazy coincidence.

So for today, I am thankful for the prospect of being a dual homeowner. My final inspection is Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh, and if you see my tenants, please remind them to keep paying me their rent because I'm really going to need it now!

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