Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vegetarian Friendly Options at The Treehouse in Tremont

'Tis the season where I want to spend every free moment ouside running or drinking on a patio.  This past weekend I got to do quite a bit of both and happened to discover that one of my favorite bars - The Treehouse - now serves food.  And vegetarian friendly food, at that.  Their entire menu is "vegetarian coded" so you can easily determine what you as a non-meat eater can or cannot eat.  (my dream in life is for every restaurant to mark their vegetarian items so I don't have to ask waiters and waitresses 57 questions before ordering) And it seems like many of these vegetarian items can easily be vegan by removing cheese, ranch dressing, etc.

Grilled veggie sandwich - interesting pickle placement
I ordered a garden grill which is just what you'd imagine - a sandwich made up of grilled vegetables.  Unlike many of the grilled veggie sandwiches I've eaten, the vegetables on the one I ordered at The Treehouse tasted fresh and hadn't been overcooked.  I opted for a side of tots to go with my meal and they weren't quite as awesome.  Just your average run of the mill tater tots.  But what's not to like about a tater tot anyway?  I washed all that down with an excellent (and strong) Moscow Mule and spent an enjoyable couple hours on the patio.  Some of my friends tried out some of the other vegetarian friendly items - like the black bean burger and an Thai chicken salad (minus the chicken) and seemed happy with their meals. 

I'm happy to know that I now have another option for relatively cheap and vegetarian friendly patio dining in Tremont.  (my first gluttonous love is Edison's, but their patio isn't nearly as nice as the one at The Treehouse) 

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