Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Lunch at Flour in Moreland Hills

If you know me in real life, you know that I am generally pretty happy with my job.  I get to travel occasionally and check out vegetarian food around the country.  I get to surf the internet at work (I work in emarketing).  And I have a boss who isn't a fan of standard catered lunches.  In the past year alone I think we've gone to Chinato, L'Albatross, Crostatas, XO, and a bunch of other "nicer than normal" places for lunch.  And I say nicer than normal because for me, a standard lunch is a microwaved Amy's vegetarian meal.

Last week some of my extended team headed to Flour in Moreland Hills for lunch.  My boss is a big fan of pizza, and since they offer wood fired pizzas, we thought this would be a great place to go.  He ended up having to cancel, but we decided to go without him. 

What struck me about Flour was how nice the interior is.  It's very swanky.  Which probably explains the price point for lunch entrees.  Pizzas start at $11 and only go up from there.  (we went to Mama Santa's a couple months ago and I think $11 could have paid for 2 pizzas)  Sandwiches are also around $10.  But this was on the company's dime, so we weren't all that concerned.

A few people asked for recommendations and our server steered them towards pizza.  People asked about the sandwiches and our server again reiterated that the pizzas were probably the best option.  More on that in a minute.  I didn't want pizza, so I ordered a chopped salad which consisted of iceberg lettuce, capers, blue cheese, roasted red peppers, and olives.  (on in my case, an olive - literally one)

I know many people who are lettuce snobs and won't eat iceberg lettuce.  I'm not so picky.  But for $9, my salad was kind of underwhelming.  And not so great tasting.  I always say it's hard to mess up a salad.  But this salad was definitely not good.  Maybe the combination of flavors didn't taste right together, but the only taste I got in my mouth was rotten.  Glad I carry gum with me everywhere I go because I had to get that taste out of my mouth.

The folks who ordered pizzas were a bit happier.  As the bill payer, I was unhappier when I realized that a few of the pizzas ended up being around $20 after people added toppings.  $20 for a lunch sized pizza!?  Mama Mia!

A few people ordered sandwiches at the table. And they wished they'd gotten something different.  Especially the person I car-pooled with who had to stop at a gas station bathroom on the way back to the office because his stomach was upset.

Overall, we had a less than great experience at Flour.  Although the pizza did look good, I'm not sure that I'm in any hurry to rush back when I can get a completely good pie closer to home and for a little less dough.  And you couldn't pay me to eat a salad there again.

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  1. Did you tell them that your salad was horrible? You should have! No reason to eat bad food. That salad isn't even on the dinner menu. Glad you at least didn't waste YOUR money on a sucky lunch! I was just there last week for pizza and loved it (we had the romana) but I agree that they are a tad pricey ($14 for buratta!) for some things including pizza toppings ($5 to add prosciutto.)