Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Lava Lounge Happy Hour (Sorry for Party Rocking)

My theme song for the night.
I think I've mentioned that to me, birthdays are kind of a big deal.  Life is very short.  Too short to stress out about getting older, in my opinion.  I generally try to throw some sort of birthday bash every year, and some are more elaborate than others.  I turned 31 this year, which is awesome, but has no real significance, so I decided that a mini bar crawl (or night of mayhem as my running club friends like to call them) this past Friday in Tremont was the way to go. I wanted to start the night of with a classy vibe, so we all met up at Lava Lounge.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about my venue choice.  The last time I'd been at Lava Lounge, it was summertime and I was with a large group of friends and we were thoroughly grossed out by a couple making out at the corner of the bar.  It looked like the man was going to swallow the woman.  It was gross.  (she was also eating chicken wings while making out with him which made the situation even more bizarre)  But I was excited to try out the Lava Lounge happy hour because it features my favorite drink - the Moscow Mule - and vegetarian food options.  Plus, they have happy hour even on Fridays (until 8 pm).

My boyfriend and I arrived first, a little after 6:30.  The place was bumpin'!  Apparently the word is out that Lava Lounge has a great happy hour.  While we were waiting for my friends to arrive, I ordered $5 hummus of the happy hour menu, along with the first of (too) many Moscow Mules.  The hummus was fresh and garlicy, and the portion size was large.  (some places skimp on happy hour plates, but not Lava Lounge, apparently) 

Once my friends arrived, a few of us ordered food.  I thought this would prevent excessive drunkenness later in the evening.  Wrong!  But I did get to try out one of the nightly specials - a vegetarian bean soup which was ok.  And I also had some vegetable tacos that were pretty damn amazing.  (amazing enough that I'd be willing to go back to Lava Lounge just to order them again)  The bad part about eating at Lava Lounge was that by the time everyone in my party had arrived, there weren't enough seats for everyone.  We managed to take over some tall 2 tops and a corner of the bar, but most of us ended up having to hover over our food. 

I think we all generally enjoyed our food.  My boyfriend had a burger off the happy hour menu and he thought it looked better than it tasted.  He also got an order of fries which ended up being super thin to the point where they tasted kind of like burnt shoestring fries.  I was too busy shoveling food into my face to see what everyone else thought about their food.  But everyone seemed happy. 

After Lava Lounge, we headed to a few more bars - Flying Monkey, The Treehouse, and Edison's.  I remember going to two of the three.  Ooops.  My apologies to anyone who was with me that night.  If I said anything offensive to you, I assure you, I don't remember saying it.  Birthday shots always seem like a good idea until you're getting sick later.  And mom, thanks for coming to my celebration.  And even more thanks for making sure I didn't drown at Edison's.  (If I haven't mentioned it lately, my mother is the most understanding person ever.  Most peoples' mothers would be really upset with them after witnessing the kind of binge drinking I did on Friday, but my mom basically just said, "We've all been there.  It happens."

Unfortunately, my wild Friday night put a damper on the rest of my birthday weekend.  But if this is any indication of how my 31st year on this planet is going to go, I'd better buckle up!

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome Birthday, hope it is a good year!