Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strange Snacks - Hearts of Palm

I've been trying to eat better in the new year. I'm back on the calorie tracking bandwagon, and I've been working out. (less than normal because I'm recovering from a run streak, but...) My snack of choice lately hasn't been anything that you'd expect - I've been eating cans of hearts of palm from Whole Foods.

Get in my belly

The first time I had hearts of palm was on a salad at Deagan's. I absolutely loved them. (the second time was in a vegan plate at Dante, and to this day, that might be one of the worst meals I've ever eaten) I just happened to notice that Whole Foods sells cans of hearts of palm one day, and I think I've been eating a couple cans (1 can = 50 calories) each week. I suppose I could be snacking on much worse things, right?

Do you have any favorite healthy snacks?

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