Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Year End Exercise Challenge

Have I mentioned lately that I'm a fat girl at heart?  And the way I've been eating, I'm going to be a fat girl for real if I don't curb my enthusiasm for food, vegan cupcakes, and booze.  I just got back from an uber indulgent business trip and after wearing tight dress pants for a couple days, I realized I need to do something about the weight I've gained. (hello, 15 pounds in 18 months)

I'm going to streak.

No, not that kind of streaking.  A running streak!

Thumbs down to weight gain
This idea isn't mine.  It's stolen from Runner's World and my friend Kali at finishingfirsts.  What's a running streak you ask?  It's just what it sounds like - running at least one mile a day for a certain amount of time. In this case, the Runner's World streak is going from Thanksgiving until January 1.  This streak is meant to encourage people to keep up an exercise regimen throughout the holidays.  (In my friend Kali's case, she's running for a great cause - to raise money for charity.) 

I decided to start my streak early, so I'm on day 5 today.  It's been great so far.  Running makes me feel better about myself in general, and I've been trying to eat better, too, tracking every bite with an app on my phone.  Am I going to be completely successful in avoiding fatty foods?  No.  But I think making a committment to exercising and taking better care of my body for at least the next month can only help.  A little indulgence once in a while isn't bad...it's just bad when you indulge every day!

The one thing I don't like about Running Worlds' proposed streak is that it's only for runners.  Not everyone can (or should) run a mile a day.  So I'd like to propose the year end exercise challenge - a promise you make to yourself to exercise every day from Thanksgiving until January 1.  Whether you decide to run, tae bo, do yoga, or take a walk on the treadmill, I'd like to encourage you to take the challenge and see what it can do for you.

Are you up for the challenge?  Please leave a comment if you're interested in participating.  I plan on posting my results about once a week and I'd love to hear how other people are doing with this challenge.

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  1. Hey - I am doing that as well. I am also doing a #PlankADay till Jan 1st. I realize to make myself a better runner i need to work on my Core!