Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yogurt Vi - Legacy Village's Hip New Yogurt Shop

Have I mentioned lately that I like dessert?  Yesterday, you say?  Well, at least today I want to tell you about a slightly healthier dessert.  (especially since this is marathon recovery week, and since I'm not running, I can't indulge in any of my favorite things!)

A few weeks ago, a new yogurt shop opened in Legacy Village.  Appropriately named Yogurt Vi, this yogurt shop offers up tart yogurt (a la Pinkberry) along with other delicious sounding "traditional" yogurt flavors - cake batter, peanut butter, red velvet - and also lots of nonfat varieties - like cheesecake, white chocolate, and carrot cake.  Like most other popular yogurt shops, you can pick from a dizzying amount of yogurt toppings - everything from hot fudge to candy to exotic fruit. It's important to note that you pay for this yogurt by weight - including toppings - so if you go too heavy handed with the extras, you could end up paying more than you'd expect.
Being a tart yogurt fan, when I went to the grand opening I tried their tart yogurt with some fresh strawberries, brownie pieces, and mini chocolate chips.  Unlike other yogurt shops where someone behind a counter tops your yogurt for you, at Yogurt Vi, you go through what looks like a salad bar of toppings.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing considering that I saw several small children try to stick their hands in the candy.  (thankfully, their mothers intervened and swooped their children away before they managed to contaminate the goodies)

My verdict?  It was some pretty darn good yogurt!  It definitely stacks up to the other tart yogurts I've tried on my travels around the country.  And I definitely think I'd like to try some of their "regular" yogurt, too.

I'm happy to see this new addition to Legacy Village and I hope that this yogurt shop does well!

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