Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop

Two of my favorite things in this world are popcorn (my food staple during college) and ice cream.  Yes, I understand that dairy is bad for me, especially since I'm reading The China Study, but I just can't "quit" ice cream.  Not now.  Days before the opening of Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop.

Maybe I'm 30 going on 13, but the idea of a soda fountain/ice cream shop/candy & popcorn store/peanut butter sandwich making restaurant makes me giddy.  Could they have squeezed in any other fun concepts?  And vegans, they haven't forgotten about you!  Their ice cream menu boasts a dairy free vanilla flavor.  Hooray!

Named after Moses Cleaveland, this new business in the Gordon Square Arts District is celebrating its grand opening on March 26.  They're having their soft opening this week, so be sure to check out the Sweet Moses Facebook page for helpful information, like whether or not they're open!

Now excuse me while I drive like the wind to go get an ice cream sundae.

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