Thursday, November 11, 2010

Surprisingly Vegan - Pinnacle's Whipped Vodka

Around the holidays, as a non-beer drinker, I tend to feel a little left out when everyone around me is enjoying Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale.  But I think I've found a vodka equivalent that will make adults just as excited - Pinnacle's Whipped Vodka.

I don't know how they did it, but this vodka tastes and smells like whipped cream.  It's a formerly fat girl's dream, really.  Or maybe a nightmare, because it goes down so easily.  After an evening of doing shots of this stuff, I had to be physically carried off a dance floor.  I normally don't dance.  Ever.

It tastes great mixed with everything from pumpkin liquor to root beer to anything in between.  What a genius idea for a vodka flavor!

Although the ingredients aren't listed for this vodka, I contacted Pinnacle to verify that it is vegan.  The CEO's administrative assistant assured me that it!  (Click here to learn about other surprisingly vegan foodstuffs.)
I imagine I'll be enjoying a lot of Whipped vodka this holiday season while I watch my friends and family enjoy their Christmas Ale.  But for once, I won't feel left out.


  1. Wow! I never would have thought it was vegan. Now I'll have to go get some. Yum

  2. Hmm. This might need further research. I've found places listing the ingredients as "Pinnacle Whipped Cream is a light, sweet combination of vanilla and cream."

    What sort of cream? Doesn't sound vegan.

  3. Add this to Sunkist Orange Soda and it taste like Orange Creamsicle! It's so good! A taste that I thought would be forever lost in my omnivore past....

  4. How do you think they achieved this cream flavor without cream? It's called a LOT of chemicals. You would be healthier and safer to have cream in small quantities. Vegans are sometimes backwards and rarely healthy. I don't see the point. Leather is better for the environment than plastic!

    1. That explains what this stuff makes me so sick everytime I drink it! I bought a bottle of the Orange Whipped because I thought it sounded amazing, but everytime I mix a drink with it, I get half way through the drink and start to feel super sick! I have tried mixing it with tons of different things, but it's always the same story. My stomach starts to do flips and I get a horrendous headache. Which always happens when I consume anything that has fake sugar in it.

  5. Well, most vegans are about animals not plastic. Go ahead and wear the rotting decomposing animal flesh. I prefer polyurethane.

  6. Why do people ASSume vegans have to be HEALTHIER?
    For many (like me) it's about the animals! I never claimed to do it for health and NEVER will!

    How about LIVE AND LET LIVE (and not be a an ASSuming jerk!)

  7. What I want to know is who drinks alcohol hoping to achieve "good health"

  8. Pinnacle vodka is not vegan. It contains white sugar which is filtered through charcoal, which is made from animal bones. Contains no dairy. See Barnivore website for vegan alcohol.

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