Thursday, February 4, 2010

If it looks like a duck - Daiya cheese

In my west coast travels, I've gotten to enjoy some of the most spectacular vegan and vegetarian grub.  Too bad I love Cleveland so much...I might be tempted to become a west coaster.

As soon as I ventured into LA for work, my first stop was Veggie Grill.  THE most amazing fast food type vegetarian restaurant.  Zomg.  I dream about their food and hope that in my lifetime, there will be a Veggie Grill franchise somewhere in Ohio. 

The fake fried chicken sandwich that I had was incredible, but what was really amazing were the nachos.  Vegan nachos, to be exact.  Made with Daiya vegan cheese.

Most people have heard of vegan cheese.  It comes in many different varieties.  Many of which don't look, smell, taste, or melt like regular cheese and are a real downer to vegans who loved cheese before giving up dairy products.  But Daiya cheese is different.  It melts.  It tastes good.  And is surprisingly similar to real cheese. 

I've been contemplating placing an internet order for some Daiya cheese since it isn't sold anywhere near where I live, but now that I've gotten to taste it, I'm totally sold on the product.  It comes in cheddar and mozzarella-like varieties.  As a former cheese lover, I am so excited to find a non-dairy alternative that is so imilar to the real thing.  Look-out friends, you'll get to taste some of this delectable cheesy goodness on a plate near you, soon, because I plan on really experiementing with it.

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