Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making the best of a bad situation - Pizzazz Pizza - Mayfield Village

Despite my recent "vegan kick," I just can't seem to "quit" cheese.  I don't use cheese or most other dairy products in my own cooking, but sometimes when I'm out and about or when I get takeout, I'll eat a little bit of cheese.  Which is a great improvement over my eating habits from years past.  As a kid, I watched my dad eat blocks of cheddar cheese.  Yes, blocks.  I, myself could eat an entire bag of shredded cheese in a sitting.  (Hello, extra cheesy and burned microwave quesadillas.)  If I ever find a good non-dairy cheese substitute, I may become an addict again. 

But what does this have to do with Pizzazz Pizza in Mayfield Village, you ask?

I consider Pizzazz Pizza to be one of the best places to indulge in cheesy gluttony.  Second only to Melt.  If you order a salad, you might need to ask for extra lettuce if you want anything besides three pounds of cheese and a half gallon of dressing.  Calzones?  You could stretch the cheese from one gooey slice across the restaurant I think.  Which is why I occassionally indulge in the aforementioned items.  (although I do ask for less cheese - do you know how long it rakes to "run off" that much cheese?)

Recently, I had a not so great day and decided to get a take out order From Pizzazz.  I anticipated biting into a mushroom, cheese, spinach and fresh garlic calzone for hours before I picked up my order.  But when I got home and opened the pizza box, ready to devour the entire calzone, I discovered that it was overflowing with chicken.  As a vegetarian, this was clearly a problem.  So I called the restaurant to let them know I received the wrong meal.  Having dealth with many unsympathetic restaurants in the past ("just pick it off"), I didn't have high hopes for anything besides hunger and frustration.  But shame on me for thinking that way.  When I called, the manager immediately got on the phone and was totally, sincerely apologetic.  She said that they'd make my "right" order ASAP and that they'd deliver it to my house - an incredible feat from a restaurant that doesn't offer delivery.  In less than 15 minutes, a Pizzazz Pizza worker was at my door with my delicious calzone and a coupon that said "we're sorry for our mistake - please take $8 off your next meal."  Pretty awesome right?  I would have been happy to just get the correct food.  Even if I had to go get it myself.  But for the manager to go the extra mile and send someone to my house with my food with a coupon in hand?  I'm a customer for life.  Really.  This is the way a restaurant should handle a mistake.  I mean, we all know that mistakes are bound to happen, but it's how a restaurant deals with an issue that defines the service level and my willingness to go back.

Have you ever encountered any great "fixes" after a food snafu after a restaurant? 

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  1. Hooray for Pizzazz and hooray for a change in your eating habits. I can almost smell the burned microwaved quesadilla.