Friday, November 6, 2009

How I spent my Halloween vacation

So, this post might seem to be a little bit tardy.  I mean, Halloween was days ago.  But it's taken me until now to be able to talk about how not-fun my Halloween was.  

The night before, I'd gone out with some of my friends to the Cleveland Museum of Art to check out the Gauguin exhibit and try some absinthe as a part of the museum's TGIF series, where you get to see the exhibit, eat some light appetizers, and try a particular type of alcohol for $15. I wasn't particularly a fan of absinthe (think band-aids plus licorice - that's what it tasted like), but I did have a fun time viewing the artwork.  I enjoyed the pieces of some of Gauguin's "friends" more than his own work, but I was glad that I got to see it. (tonight they're having a champagne tasting, if you're into that kind of thing)

But that wasn't what made my Halloween so horrible.  It was the dinner I ate before I went to the museum that rocked my world.  In a bad way.  :/  Let's just say that I went to a popular east side Thai restaurant that I've eaten at many time before and have enjoyed, but this time my food was greasy, lacking flavor, and to the best of my knowledge, what made me really ill on Halloween.  (I'm not naming the restaurant, because in their defense, my office is crawling with germs these days, so it could have just been a delayed reaction to something else.  But I doubt it.)  I was the bad kind of ill, not the , "yo, I'm so ill," kind of ill.  I felt like a little kid, isolated to my bed while everyone else was out to play and revel in the holiday spirit.  Good thing I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, or I might have been really upset.  But I can definitely say that I'll be avoiding Thai food for at least a little while...I don't want to ever feel that sick again.


  1. Sorry to hear you were so ill. I had a similar experience about two years ago. I was absolutely convinced that I had gotten food poisoning from a buffet (I know, I know) at a restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls. Even with the miserableness, I went ahead and went out into the world the next day thinking that since it was food poisoning, it wasn't contagious.

    That is, until two days later, when nearly everyone I had come in contact with came down with EXACTLY the same thing I did. Apparently I had picked up a rather nasty norovirus (still not sure where as everyone where I worked at was absolutely healthy) which kicked my butt for three days straight and another week to fully get over it.

    Hopefully you didn't have to suffer that long.

  2. That sounds terrible! Thankfully, it ended up just being a short term thing for me.