Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cinagro's Natural Foods Market

Do you ever just randomly search the internet for things that interest you?  I have the world's shortest attention span, so I'm always bouncing from one website to another.  Which is how I discovered Cinagro's Natural Foods Market  I actually stumbled on the store's Facebook fan page in Middleburg Heights. (it has more info than the website) and thought it might be worth a trip to this organic grocery store/vegan and vegetarian juice bar.  (Despite how much I love Whole Foods, I really do like to support independently owned grocery stores/health food shoppes when I can.)

Located in a sort of sad looking strip mall, I didn't know what to expect from Cinagro's when I pulled into the parking lot.  Most health food type stores (at least of the non-chain variety) tend to be tiny, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how big this store is.  When I walked in the door I quickly realized I was the only customer.  I walked past rows of vitamins and supplements to get to the dry goods section of the store.  Although the selection isn't the greatest, and there might only be two of something on a shelf, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian staples stocked in the store.  And they carry items you might not find anywhere else - like vegan white chocolate, Loma Linda fried chicken, and many other cool products.  

The frozen selection is pretty good, too.  I found a type of Quorn I've only read about on the internet and more types of Tofurkey than I've ever seen in person.  But what was disappointing was the produce selection and the deli.  Since the store doesn't seem to get all that much traffic (just a guess from my visit), it must be hard for the owner to stock fresh produce and deli items without having things go to waste.  One of the cashiers told me that the owner actually goes to a farm to select produce himself, but he'd been busy lately and hadn't had a chance to pick anything up or to re-stock the deli. 

I'd love to see Cinagro's Natural Foods Market survive these tough economic times, so I plan on going back whenever I'm in the area.  If you're on the hunt for vegetarian or vegan food or supplements and you live anywhere near Middleburg Heights, be sure to check this store out.  It could really use some love from the community in order to stay afloat and hopefully eventually thrive!

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