Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This past weekend was ridiculously hectic. I went to the Tremont Art Walk on Friday (more on that later), ran in a 5K on Saturday, and ran 11 miles on Sunday. (5 days until the Columbus Marathon!) But the highlight of my weekend was definitely the wedding I went to on Saturday.

I've been to many weddings over the years. I think I might even be able to give some of the single-girl bloggers around town a run for their money in terms of wedding stories. It's not unreasonable to ask me before every weekend if I'm going to a wedding. I've been to fancy weddings, cheap weddings, elegant weddings, theme weddings...you name it, and I've probably seen it. But by far, the wedding reception I went to on Saturday was the nicest, most well executed wedding I've ever seen.

The majority of my friends are either already married or not getting married anytime soon, so this was one of the many weddings I've gone to with my boyfriend. (His friend the groom had been his roommate in college.) The happy couple went through a lot of trouble to plan out every detail of their wedding. They picked the Old Courthouse in Cleveland for their venue. I'd never been inside. What an incredible space. (I was too awe-struck to take pictures, but if you Google "old courthouse" you can see how pretty this building is) With marble, gold inlay, and murals everywhere, this venue seemed incredibly elegant. The couple picked beautiful fall-ish table linens and floral arrangements that were so pretty, I felt like I was in a wedding magazine. But what was the real highlight of the wedding? The food.

Marigold Catering provided delicious, inventive food throughout the entire event. The couple had a really unique cocktail hour, with international food and wine pairings to honor their different ethnic backgrounds, and the caterer set up different country stations (France, USA, Spain, and Germany) featuring wine and food from each locale. Dinner started with a flavorful pumpkin soup (it tasted like warm pie - something that people either really liked or really hated) that not only tasted great but tied in the fall theme of the wedding. There were multiple dinner entrees - including a vegetarian option (hooray!) that consisted of a pomodoro type pasta. It was surprisingly good for such a simple looking dish.

The last time I was this impressed by wedding food was at Windows on the River two years and at least 15 weddings ago, so you can understand why I'm gushing about Marigold Catering. I don't plan on holding any large scale events anytime soon, but if I did, they'd definitely be on my list of caterers to consider.

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