Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Did you know? October 1 is World Vegetarian Day, and the kickoff to Vegetarian Awareness Month. (And to think, until this year, I never even knew such a thing existed!) I plan on celebrating this momentous occasion with some vegetarian grub at Tommy's in Coventry, my go-to for all things vegetarian for the majority of my life.

Vegetarianism isn't for everyone, but hopefully Vegetarian Awareness Month will bring a better understanding of this lifestyle to the general population...

This month is also bringing another delicious vegetarian monthly special at Melt! They're featuring Mom's Meatloaf Melt, which consists of meatloaf (you can get the real stuff or a "fake" meat option), mashed potatoes, ketchup, and Muenster cheese. Sounds interesting right? What's even more exciting is Melt's drink special of the month - a pumpkin martini! Let the pumpkin loving continue! (If you're a fan of Melt, be sure to check out their new snazzy website, which launched today!)

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