Friday, June 26, 2009

A shameless plug for Berea ARF

If you know me IRL, you know that I was born to be your stereotypical crazy cat lat. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for the hundreds of homeless cats I might own right now, I met my boyfriend and only have 2 cats. (Although I ask daily to get kitty number 3 - please?)

So to fill my need to get love from multiple kitties (since mine area all "whatever" - note to self - wild kittens = not friendly adult cats), I volunteer at Berea Animal Rescue Fund or Berea ARF. (not BARF, folks...) Berea ARF is mainly run through funds received through generous donations and with the help of a huge network of volunteers. It's one of the few no-kill (for the most part) shelters in the area and does a great job of finding homes for all sorts of animals.

In an attempt to raise some extra funds for the shelter (it's super crowded - stupid economy!), Berea ARF has partnered with Johnny Mango for a fundraiser on July 6. 20% of each bill on that day will go to Berea ARF. (if you're a big margarita drinker like I am, that $ could really add up quickly) If you like Johnny Mango and you like helping out a great cause, think about stopping by anytime on July 6. If you can't make the event, the shelter is always looking for cash donations or supplies. See the shelter's website for ways that you can pitch in and help. No gesture is too small!

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