Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Continuing Theme - Margaritas at Melt

Over the weekend I dropped by Melt with my friend to enjoy one of the final days of May's sandwich of the month - The Godfather - lasagna on a grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, as a vegetarian, I felt like I needed to represent for my people and try out a special that us non-meat eaters can enjoy. Since it's now June and you can't get that sandwich anymore, I won't rub in the fact that it was really delicious. Not as delicious as my favorite, the Purple Parma, but still pretty darn good. Something that's always available at Melt that I encourage everyone reading this to try is a margarita.
A fresh squeezed margarita. This isn't your typical restaurant mix variety. No, sir. Everything in this little drink is fresh. Because of that, it doesn't taste like a traditional margarita - it's a little more lemon and limey. But still incredible! And admittedly, I'm a light weight, but after a couple of these $5 drinks you'll be either sleeping (like I do when I drink to much) or dancing around singing the Mexican hat dance. I can't wait until the new Cleveland Heights location opens so I can partake in their bar scene more often. (In case you haven't heard, the new Melt will be at the corner of Cedar and South Taylor roads in Cleveland Heights sometime this fall.)

P.S. If you happen to like Brussels sprouts, Melt occasionally offers them as a side. They're soaked in a balsamic sauce and are pretty fantastic. And really filling!

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