Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bogey's Comedy Club

Y'know how there's that invisible line in Cleveland that east siders aren't allowed to cross, and vice versa? I'm fairly certain there's an invisible line in between Lake county and Cuyahoga country for me.

I'm originally from Lake county. Eastlake - the crown jewel of Lake county - I'll have you know. (Wow. it took a lot of courage for be to say that.) Now before you start assuming that I'm part of a band of merry, toothless hillbillies, I want to let you know that I think I got out just in time to save myself from an 80's-style perm induced life of misery. Because my mother and I moved to Willowick when I was in high-school. Only a few short miles away from Eastlake, having sidewalks and working street lights immediately made it a classier town. I can't comment on the state of affairs in Willowick today, but at the time, it was a great place to live.

After college, I fled Lake County to live in Mayfield and have never looked back. I've been a Cuyahoga county resident ever since, because I appreciate diversity, I don't have a mullet, and I enjoy paying higher taxes.

Enough ranting about the bad parts of Lake county. Let me tell you about a neat place I discovered last week - Bogey's Comedy Club.

I had the opportunity to ge see my friend Matt Brown perform at amaterur night at Bogey's last Wednesday. To be honest, I expected the club to be run down, dirty, and not well run. Which is unfair, I know, but many of the businesses in the surrounding area have crumbled. As with most other things in life, I was wrong about Bogey's. Located in a strip mall with a Chinese restaurant, a bank, and a pizza joint, Bogey's is in a spot formerly housed by a coffee shop. But you'd never know it. The inside is broken into two sections - a nice, small-ish bar area and a huge, clean, comedy club. It was really impressive. I'd dare say it was nicer than the Improv or Hillarities. Just maybe a tad smaller.

I love seeing amateur comedy shows. Some people are really great (like my friend Matt), or really horrible like the guy who kept talking about pimping. To encourage laughter and a fun evening, amateur night is also $5 pitcher night and $5 pizza night. Admission is a nominal $5 for amateur shows, so for under $10 a person, you can have a really fun evening. (And if you're a non-beer drinker like me, you can order a drink off of their martini list!)

This club gives me a reason to cross over the Cuyahoga county border for a fun evening. If you're a fan of comedy, I'd encourage you to do the same.

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