Friday, May 1, 2009

Uno de Mayo

How are you celebrating Uno de Mayo? That's right. Uno de Mayo. I'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Lopez, but I'm headed to Whole Foods tonight for some Friday 5x7/Uno de Mayo action.

5X7 is a promotion that Whole Foods runs on Fridays where from 5:00 - 7:00 pm, for $5, you can get 5 food and wine (or beer) pairings that fit into a certain theme. Tonight's theme is obviously "Uno de Mayo" and is supposed to feature a "festive Mexican spread." According to the Whole Foods - University Heights calendar/website, the $5 cover grants you an all-access punch card listing the evening's pairings and you get a a free reusable wine glass which you can bring back for a $1 discount off admission on a later date. They claim they have vegetarian "options" at each 5X7 event. I messaged the store through Twitter to see if that means one or many but haven't heard anything back just yet. Even if there's just one little niblet for me, it's worth it. I like trying new wines, and this seems like a fun random thing to do on a Friday night. And afterwards, I can get my grocery shopping done!

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