Saturday, April 25, 2009

Running like a god

While most reasonable will be sleeping in, lounging around the house, and enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I will be running in the first ever Hermes 10 Miler Relay Race. As I've mentioned before, we're the Steak & Potato team. As the vegetarian, I'm the potato. The slow-running potato.

This is my first major race since tearing up a tendon last year. (My friends at Cleveland Magazine might blame it on my lack of protein.) I was in a cast for what seemed like forever and never thought I'd get back to this point. I'm excited to participate in the race and just cross the finish line. I'll work on improving my times later. Like at the Lakewood Hospital Ambulance Chase on May 3 and the Cleveland Marathon 10K on May 17.

If you happen to be at the race and see someone wearing this shirt:

It's probably me.

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