Friday, April 3, 2009

My love affair with Malley's chocolate

Oh, Malley's chocolate, how do I adore thee? We've had a very long term relationship. In high-school, when my marching band had candy sales, I could eat an entire box of crunch bars on my own. My classmates had the same addiction and bought bar after bar from me. For holidays, my mother would buy me peanut butter filled dinosaurs. Just because they were filled with peanut butter. I'm not all that fond of dinosaurs. Occasionally she'd also buy me peanut butter ladybugs and other novelties. They were all delicious.

My co-worker has unleashed the Malley's demon in me again. Her children were selling Easter candy for their Catholic school. Normally I wouldn't be all that excited to support anything even remotely related to the Catholic church, but seeing the pictures of the happy candy in the glossy brochure made me immediately get out my checkbook. The repeated mailings I've gotten at my house have probably also helped fuel my urge, too. I feel like I get a picture of a Malley's bunny in the mail every few days. Like this postcard that I got yesterday. (I know times are tough and they're trying to promote their business, but direct mail is really dead.)

I purchased the peanut butter royales, tiny peanut butter filled lambs, bunnies, and ducks. At 62 calories a piece, they're a little more gluttonous than most other candy that I eat, but they're so good, that it's worth it. I also bought a box of peanut butter filled eggs. They arrived without nutrition information, so I figured I could just go to the Malley's website to find out how many calories are in each egg. Nope. No sign of anything even remotely related to nutrition except text talking about using "safe" peanut butter everywhere. So I picked up the phone and called Malley's. Surely someone could tell me how many calories are in one measly Easter egg. I was transferred around until I was finally dumped into the voice mailbox of the "we're never calling you back" department. Shame on you Malley's. All I wanted was one little piece of information. I know this is your busy season, but after our extended love affair, you can't even return my phone calls? Sheesh.

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  1. I am looking for the same thing. 1 Malleys chocolate coconut Easter egg. Calories please! My guess is maybe 300 - a hopeful guess haha.