Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The microwave gourmet likes Alexia products

In my single-living-alone days, I referred to myself as the microwave gourmet. I only used my stove to boil water on random occasions. For everything else, I used my beloved microwave. It didn't matter if the heating instructions for my meal said to use the oven - I found a way to cook nearly everything in the good old micro. From eggplant cutlets, to hash browns, and everything in between, I was able to cook it all. Or in many cases, burn it all. I'm a fan of well-done foods.

Since living with my boyfriend, I've attempted to cook a little bit more. I boil more water. I eat more balanced meals. I use the oven at least once in awhile. But my microwaving days aren't over, thanks to Alexia. They've developed a tomato and cheese pannini that can only be cooked in the microwave. It's a lazy anti-cooking girl's dream come true! It uses special technology to perfectly toast the bread while cooking the tomatoes and melting the cheese to perfection. You'd think a microwaved sandwich would be gross, but the panninis are really good. The bread isn't soggy and overall, the sandwich tastes even better than what you'd find in a nice restaurant. Alexia makes quite a few products that I like to cook in the microwave - hash browns, sweet potato fries, waffle fries, mashed potatoes...I'm also a fan of their breaded mushroom bites. I'm sure they could be cooked in the microwave, but for fear of eating a mushy mushroom, I've always cooked that particular item in the stove.

To the folks at Alexia, keep up the good work. Your foods will be cooked by me in the microwave for years to come.


  1. Hooray! Pictures!

  2. I love their frozen rolls. One of the few multigrain things without HFCS. YAY for Alexia.

  3. ok good but you haven't told us where could we buy it?

  4. Good question. I normally include that in my posts. Sorry. I've purchased the Alexia sandwiches (and most other products) at Whole Foods. I've also seen a good selection of Alexia products at Giant Eagle.

    If you follow this link, you can use their product locator.

  5. To make things all the more clear, a standard microwave is quite recently adequate for warming sustenance or cooking prepared dinners.