Friday, April 17, 2009

General Electric's Project Plant a Bulb

My mother worked at General Electric for 34 years before retiring. (And then almost immediately starting back at GE as a consultant.) So I can honestly say that I owe a great many things in my life to General Electric, and more specifically, GE Lighting. My mother forwarded me some information about Project Plant a Bulb. It's an online marketing campaign that GE Consumer & Industrial Products is running for Earth Day. For every unique visitor to the Plant a Bulb site, GE will plant a flower bulb, up to 100,000 bulbs. (Somewhere? It's not clear as to where these flowers will be planted.) It's a nice gesture to support the green/Earth Day movement. Especially considering that Nela Park, where my mother has worked for so many years, has some of the best spring bulb flower beds I've ever seen. As an added incentive, visitors to the site can get coupons for energy efficient light bulbs. So it's a win no matter how you look at it - you can either save yourself some green or help make the world a little more green.

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