Monday, April 20, 2009

Delight Soy Patties

I'm a sucker for the "new item" signs at Whole Foods. If there's are any new vegetarian items that seems remotely interesting, they end up in my cart. On my weekly trip to Whole Foods this past weekend, I discovered Delight Soy Patties.

The plastic bag packaging seemed a bit iffy to me, but I thought it would be worthwhile to give these patties a shot. I'm always looking for new meat alternatives.

I had high hopes when I opened the package of patties. At 181 calories each, I expected to find small-ish patties on the inside. A correct assumption on my part. But I didn't expect them to be misshapen. The patty I selected to cook looked like it had been shaped by a small child, and the rest of the patties in the package looked the same way.

I followed the microwave directions and patiently waited for 3 minutes to try a patty. To my shock and horror, this was what I found in my microwave:

Yeah. A shrunken, completely burned, surrounded by an oil-slick mess. Yuck. On the positive side, it smelled good...but it was so crispy that I couldn't eat it. (believe me, I tried...I like things that are well done) There were a few more patties left in the package, but I was so turned off by what I saw on my plate, I couldn't bring myself to microwave another one. I'll have to try to make one of these little babies later in the week.


  1. They ae better fried,and i you do microvave it, 3min is way to long. These are the beast soy paties on the market. you can allso deforst them and blend them up to make chicken salad delish!!

  2. Never ever microwave, bake in the oven! 350 degrees for about 10-15 mins (or until they are sizzling and you can smell them).

    Soooooo good.

    Never microwave....

  3. They are the best on the Market
    For pan fried just cover the bottom of pan with oil,then cook the patties on medium/low.I put my patties in cold oil and cook. Flip patties to brown on both sides. They will come out tender and the flavor is so good!