Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rock Bottom...well...Rocks

Last night one of my friends had the opportunity to perform at the Improv, so I stopped by the Rock Bottom Brewery in the Powerhouse in the Flats beforehand. I can't say that I go to the Flats...well...ever, anymore, so it was nice to see that at least a few businesses are alive and well.

I met up with a large group of former co-workers and my boyfriend and I grabbed a seat at our ridiculously large table. The server immediately came over to us and asked us what we wanted to drink and seemed a bit miffed when I said I needed a minute. When she came back, I gave her my order - a pomegranate martini - but then she completely blew off my boyfriend because he was talking to someone else. He had to flag her down and get her to come back to our table. She begrudgingly took his order. When he asked if we could be put on a separate check, she said they normally don't do that for large parties. So he asked her if they can't or if she just wouldn't. She said she wouldn't. It reminded me of the good old days at Dick's Last Resort in the Flats where the servers were supposed to insult you.

I was sad to see that there were very few vegetarian options. Their website had listed an entree that was meatless and sounded so good. They have an extensive happy hour menu - with items ranging from $2.99 to $6.99, but I wasn't really in the mood for just an app, so my boyfriend an I ordered soft pretzels to split and I got a modified salad. The two enormous pretzels came with a spinach artichoke dipping sauce that had a nice spicy kick. My salad was huge, but it wasn't anything spectacular. It was just your average house salad. My boyfriend had the $4.99 happy hour wings and said they were extra spicy. I think he referred to himself as a fire breathing dragon after he ate them.

At the end of our meal as we were getting ready to head to the Improv, the waitress brought us separate checks. Hmmm. I appreciated it, but she could have been nicer about it when we originally asked. Too bad tip was included.

Thankfully, the show was better than our dining experience. My friend was hilarious. He was clearly the best comic there. Overall it was a fun night out. I'll have to try and go see comedians more often.

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