Friday, March 13, 2009

Remind me to never have a ginger martini ever again

I went to Melange last night for $5 martini night with my boyfriend. And dinner. I received what seems like a lifetime supply of discount gift certificates for my birthday and Christmas, so I'm trying to use them up. We arrived at 8:00 and were prompty seated. The hostess tried to put us in the front room, but we asked to be moved closer to the bar and jazz quartet. I'd think that if you make a reservation on jazz/martini night, you'd want to be near the action, right? The past few times I've made reservations they've tried to seat me in the "quiet room." When I opened the martini menu I noticed a few new items. And my beloved espresso martini had vanished from the list! I'm sure they still would have made me one, but I decided to live on the edge and get something different. I started out with the Completely Apple. I've had it before. It's your standard apple martini. I think it's nearly impossible to mess up an apple martini. Our server promptly brought us delicious, warm bread and really flavorful crackery-flatbread. Good thing, because I was starving after going to spinning class! I ordered the one vegetarian option on the menu - squash ravioli. I can't complain about the dish because it's the only squash ravioli I've ever liked. Although it seems more like a fall dish to me. Perhaps it's time to refresh the menu? My boyfriend got trout served over roasted potatoes and asparagus. He said it was really good. After finishing my meal, I decided to order their new ginger martini. I should have learned from my last experience with a ginger martini that I don't like them. It still tasted like some sort of cleaning solution. Yuck. Thankfully, the waiter brought us some liquid dessert - a hot chocolatey shot concoction - that got the horrible taste out of my mouth. It was really good.

I don't plan on going out much this weekend. Lent makes my boyfriend not want to eat out on Fridays and I'm running in a race tomorrow. I might make a stop by Treehugger's after I volunteer at the Berea Animal Rescue tomorrow. We hope to keep our Sunday dinner tradition going with a big feast. Maybe I should scour the internet and try to find a new vegetable to cook since my Brussels sprouts were so successful...

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