Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Bites

Despite having my super snazzy IPhone with me all weekend, I totally forgot to take photos of my food. D'oh!

My weekend started on Thursday (I was lucky enough to get a comp day on Friday since I worked the entire previous weekend.) with some football and bar food at Mulligan's in Highland Heights. My boyfriend and I met up with a huge group of angry Ohio State fans who weren't all too please to see Florida win. I enjoyed my spinach and artichoke dip and chicken free buffalo chicken wrap, though.

Friday night, my boyfriend and I went to Beachwood Place to return some clothes that I'd bought for myself on a "fat" day, and stopped for a quick martini at Melange. One bartender there makes them perfectly - not too strong - not too milky tasting. Sadly, the girl who made mine made it really strong. It tasted like something I could make at home...oh well. Afterwards, we dropped by Bangkok Thai for a quick bite. I enjoyed a pine nut stir fry and the fried tofu appetizer. Although it was good, it didn't compare to the meal I'd had in Kansas.

Saturday, I had lunch at Go Bistro. I had a turkey-less turkey sandwich and a side salad. My boyfriend had a chicken BLT and some of the biggest waffle fries I've ever seen. He's extremely picky and loved every bite of his meal. Despite the fact that we were there in the middle of a blizzard, there were a few tables full of people.

Sunday afternoon I met up with my friend for lunch at my all-time favorite restaurant - Tommy's. I'm on a healthy eating kick (no more than 1,500 calories a day and I have to run 3 times a week, lift 3 times a week, and spin twice), so I didn't have what I'd normally get. We started off our meal with the spiked hummus. I love it sooo much. I normally don't like anything with green peppers and olives in it, but it's so flavorful and delicious. Then I had the black bean chili, which is also good and not at all spicy. (I hate spicy things.) I had a tossed salad with thousand island to round out my meal. I love the Muenster cheese they use in salads and the thousand island dressing has such a distinctive taste.

Since I'd saved up some calories at lunch, we had Zeppe's pizza for dinner. (while watching 24!) I'd ordered a discount gift certificate a few weeks ago, so we essentially got 2 meals for the price of one. You can't beat that.

Since pay day isn't until Thursday, I'll be eating at home for the next few days...

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