Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who are you calling cupcake?

Last night was my boyfriend's 30th birthday party. Noting being a traditional girl in any way shape or form, I decided to make a cupcake cake rather than a real cake. I think I underestimated the difficulty in making a pretty/tasty cupcake. I made a fudgey batch of cupcakes (thanks Duncan Hines) with some pre-made chocolate and white frosting. The fiesta had a tropical theme, so I put some fun sprinkles on some of the cupcakes, despite the fact that I can't/won't eat them. Sadly, they looked like a 5 year old made them. Even when I put them on the fancy cupcake tree that my boyfriend's mother had bought me...they still looked...sad.

I couldn't even bring myself to eat one. Or one out of the batch that my boyfriend's mother brought to the party. Hers were much prettier but I was bummed out about my cupcake debacle. I think I should have left it up to the pros at The White Flower Cake Shoppe. Those ladies know how to make a mean cupcake. My personal favorites are carrot cake and mocha. Oh...they're heavenly. My disastrous cupcake making experience makes me want to run out to their shop and get some cupcakes...sadly, most of mine weren't eaten so I can't justify getting more cupcakes. Unless I can get my cubicle friends to eat them tomorrow!

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