Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Call me a dreamer

Unless you live under a rock, if you live in Cleveland, you've heard of the 2008 Lake County YMCA Dreamhouse. Think Extreme Home Makeover without the old house and the family. Hmm. Maybe it's not like Extreme Home Makeover. For as long as I can remember, the Lake County YMCA has raffled off a "luxury" home every summer, with proceeds from the raffle going to the YMCA. Each year, the houses have gotten bigger and better, and this year's house is completely "green." Being the tree-hugger that I am, I think that I deserve to win the house because I'm relatively green friendly and could use a brand new house. (But who couldn't?)

Why does this have have anything to do with food? My boyfriend's parents made a trip up from lovely Youngstown, Ohio to buy tickets for the raffle and to tour the house yesterday evening, so we met them at a local restaurant/watering hole for dinner. We met up at Redhawk Grille in Concord. I'd driven past the restaurant many times on my way out to visit my mother, but I'd never even thought to stop in. The restaurant is located next to Quail Hollow and butts up again part of the golf course. We were able to score a table outside and saw golfers go driving by in their carts while we were eating. The outdoor patio was absolutely huge and the bar was equally large. There was a big crowd there, including a private party in a separate part of the patio.

We started off our meal with fried provolone. Not the healthiest of appetizers, but tasty, nonetheless. My meat eating companions enjoyed a variety of entrees - from soup and a sandwich to steak. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. I had eggplant Parmesan, which can be hit or miss at most restaurants. Thankfully, the eggplant I was served was fresh, and tasty. It was served with a side of pasta and marinara and a large house salad. It was a great meal. I'd go back and try one of their other vegetarian friendly dishes, like cheese ravioli, vegetable pasta, or pizza in a heartbeat.

As far as beverages were concerned, I had two weak vodka and cranberry drinks and an equally bland espresso martini. The drinks weren't pricey, but I still wish they'd been a little bit better. Overall, though, we had a great night. I'd recommend this restaurant to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. But I might suggest going to the Panini's next door for drinks.

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