Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Workin' on my fitness

Alright, so I set a couple new years goals last week:

1. run at least 3x a week
2. lose 10 pounds
3. complete 3 rounds of the 21 day fix

I decided to do a 3 day Blueprint juice cleanse last week to try and help with some of my ongoing tummy troubles. That was a tough mental and physical challenge and cut into my energy levels, preventing me from working out as much as I wanted to. But I did manage to run 3 times, bike 2 times, and did a few 21 day fix workouts. When I wasn't downing my juice, I was making healthy eating choices. I haven't had a drink since 1/2, and I've been doing a better job of tracking the food I'm eating. Progress not perfection.

I didn't get in as many 21 day fix workouts as I hoped to last week. Weep womp. I did so well in the summer and did round after round without a break, and I need to get back into that habit. Work has been a mess lately and I'm not a morning workout person, and with culinary school, I'm having a hard time balancing it all. But I know I can do it all. I just have to make the time I need to get the things I want to do done.

Here's to hoping for more progress this week. I'm going to officially "weigh in" on Thursday and measure myself every Thursday after that. I weighed myself last week, but when you do a juice cleanse, you lose a ton of weight and gain most of it back. My goal is a pound a week and I think that's reasonable. I know there's more to being in shape than just a number which is why I plan on measuring my body, too. I lost quite a few inches when I first started the fix, and I hope to see similar results once I get into a good grove.

How are your new years resolutions going?

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